Yes! Brand is the answer to all your NOs

Have you ever kept a count of how many times you have faced a “No”? A massive battalion of rejections would have defeated or deformed you slowly in the course of your life which finally made you bend down to the last available and least deserving options. Congratulations. You are strong enough to succeed. But you are not willing enough.

When an elephant calf is brought out from the jungle to bend down to human use and exploitation it is tied with a strong steel chain. The calf tries again and again using its complete strength and might to break the chain and free itself. But, for a little calf it is not so easy to break the steel chain. There comes the point where the elephant gives up strongly believing that it cannot break the chain and as long as something is tied to its leg, it cannot be free. The result is even when the calf grows into an adult elephant and even if it’s just a normal rope around its leg it never tries to break free and it stays bound forever. So, the problem here is not the strength of the elephant but the willingness.

This can very well be related to human beings also. Human life is not so easy. With more than 6 billion people in the world, the survival instinct and the possessiveness of everything is in a confined space keeping the endless demand fighting and struggling for the limited supply. And people started believing that pulling one’s leg is the easy way to climb on them and grow or at least it’s the way to keep others from reaching the heights that they couldn’t reach. So, every “No” comes with a natural motive of discouragement. But it is not necessary that we have to succumb to those “No”s. If it’s a “Yes” we can travel with them. If it’s a “No” we travel without them. Either way we travel.

But, the destination has to be the height that they tried to stop us from reaching else there is no point in travelling further after the “No” and they will be waiting to watch the impact of their “No” succeeding if we do not succeed. The best way to defeat them back is to succeed in a way that they want to be benefitted from our success. And that is possible only if our success gets the status of “Brand”. When success can give us self-satisfaction only brands can announce the success to the whole world and keep us succeeding more in life bringing us more self-satisfaction.

Amitabh Bacchan was rejected at All India Radio because of his heavy voice. Few years later, the person who rejected him would have enjoyed his movie with his/her family. That is the difference between mere success and branded success. Today, Amitabh’s success has made him a brand. And it leaves no choice for his criticizers and those who rejected him other than to accept it and pay for his brand and for their futile efforts. When there were so many rejections piled upon your shoulder and made you a hunch back, you thought its forever. But, the increasing height of the pile has collapsed itself long time back. More the number of rejections, easier for you now to straighten up. And proceed.

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